"Rich minor-key vamps, rolling grooves and post-roots power ballads mingle with Crosby's lyrics, which switch between minimalist ballads of confession and what could almost pass for lost texts of Lao Tzu."
~~G.W. Mercure (Motif Magazine)


Signs of Life is a spirited four-piece band with a generous catalog of original material that delves into the emotional side of world and personal events. Their music has been describe as "a tough rootsy, rockin' mix" and a "melting pot of culture and musical diversity"... they call it roots-infused rock. Josie Crosby and Tom Champlin deliver vocals that are powerful and expressive while Chris Hackett and Bill Lawing provide a dynamic foundation on which their striking sound is built.

With insightful and thought-provoking lyrics layered on top of a deeply melodic core.... the songs are magnetic. Vocal phrases are intertwined in fluid harmonies then woven together with rich guitar lines. Combined with the solid and intense energy of the rhythm section this develops the unique nature that is Signs of Life.

Signs of Life

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'BATTLE IN BAGHDAD' by Josie Crosby